Spanish Language Schools and Courses in Mexico

Spanish Language Schools and Courses in Mexico

Learning Spanish at a language school in Mexico is an ideal way to combine learning and pleasure.  Class sizes are small, so you get the personal attention you need to support you and the class days are designed and paced to ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Activities include exercises and practices between classmates and some courses also feature days-out at shops, markets, and cultural centers where the classroom learning can be practiced in real life situations.  The schools themselves are based at some of Mexico’s most picturesque locations and provide a perfect backdrop for combining learning and enjoyment.

By attending a program with others who share the desire to learn or improve their language skills, —and to build confidence in language use— a language course in Mexico can provide you with a worthwhile experience, whether you plan to visit or live in Mexico, or are living here already.

Building your confidence in use of a language is often the hardest part of becoming more fluent. There’s no better way of learning than to be among people who share the same goals as you. Language classes in Mexico allow you and your classmates to progress and improve your understanding and build your confidence while speaking Spanish with others around you.

Spanish Schools Offering Courses in Mexico

Here is a list of Spanish Schools in Mexico offering courses, by location.  Connect directly to their websites for details of their services, offers and schedules.


Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s most picturesque colonial cities. It’s an hour’s flight from Mexico City; a 5-hour car drive or 6-hour bus journey from the capital.

Spanish School Immersion (Oaxaca)
Offers one-on-one classes with confidence-building, qualified teachers, and course tailored to your needs and interests. Their personalized approach lets you set your own learning schedule to help improve your Spanish language skills at a pace that works for you.  Schools in Oaxaca (Colonial City) and Puerto Escondido (Beach).


Puebla is one of Mexico’s colonial treasures.  The city is conveniently located about 90 minutes south of Mexico City by road.

LIVIT Spanish Immersion Center
The LIVIT Immersion Center uses a personalized approach to Spanish language learning. With these personalized instruction and immersion experiences, students apply their own strengths to acquire more Spanish language capability in less time and have more fun doing it.

Spanish Institute of Puebla
Established 36 years and recommended by National Geographic, the Spanish Institute of Puebla is a highly-regarded Spanish school specialized in teaching the language and its culture through an intensive immersion program where students learn to express themselves through a wide variety of activities.
(The institute also offers an online course.)

You can learn more about Spanish languages courses in Mexico here on Mexperience.

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