Pro Tips For 2021 Holiday Shopping And Healthy Home Gift Ideas

Pro Tips For 2021 Holiday Shopping And Healthy Home Gift Ideas

Did you find yourself waiting on long lines last week for Black Friday sales – or did you opt for Cyber Monday deals instead? Maybe you shopped both, hoping to find the best values for your gift lists. Or maybe you’re the kind of shopper who prefers a less harried environment and are content to let the hype ease a bit before you fill your cart, real or virtual, this season.

Holiday 2021 Shopping Tips

Don’t wait too long for popular online items, urges smart shopping expert Trae Bodge. Shipping delays and lingering supply chain issues in some categories are not your friend this season. “To avoid hassles, order as soon as you can to allow for slower shipping times. Opt for curbside pickup, if available,” she suggests. There are, however, some in-store deals that will show up closer to Christmas. That’s when, she notes, “Retailers look to clear space for the New Year.” Gift sets related to self care and pampering often fit that category.

Some healthy home gifts – especially those for exercise and fitness overall – won’t see their best pricing until January, Bodge points out. Since these gifts are often too large to wrap and place under a tree anyway, create your own personalized card for the item for Christmas morning, but actually buy it later. “In general, fitness and wellness items will see their best prices in January as retailers promote ‘New Year, New You’ deals,” she advises.

The shopping pro also suggests that online shoppers install at least one coupon-searching browser extension. “Once installed, it will automatically compare prices for you and alert you to available offers as you browse online.”

Another tip Bodge shares is “once you’ve done your research and decided which items you would like to purchase, set a deal alert for those items.” When the item goes on sale, your chosen deal site will alert you to your best pricing, she explains.

Some items are priced best at the end of their selling season, but you can still find deals in store and online clearance sections, she adds.  “There may be remaining items in stock that retailers are looking to offload,” she observes. Do check on return policies for those though; they may not be as flexible as regular sale items.

Wellness Gifts for the Kitchen

Your kitchen is a prime spot for wellness-focused gifts. It’s your home’s fueling station, where you create healthy meals for yourself and your family. It may also be where you research recipes and store vitamins and supplements. If you’re looking for some of the hottest small appliances, don’t delay, Bodge cautions. “The best time of the year to purchase items in this category is the Black Friday/Cyber Monday timeframe where we saw deep discounts on items like Air Fryers and Instant Pots.”

Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach Serena Scanzillo is a fan of quality, compact blenders as gifts. Look for one that is ultra-durable, BPA-free, compact and available with a lid that makes your healthy mixes portable, she suggests. “This way you can take your shake with you,” she declares. This gift ideas is also fantastic for small apartments with limited counter space, she comments.

Three more wellness-enhancing kitchen gift ideas include:

  • Countertop plant-growing appliance, which can produce greens, mushrooms, herbs or even mini vegetables;
  • Countertop sous vide makers for flavorful meats, eggs and vegetables;
  • Pantry organizers for healthy snacks or supplements.

Wellness Gifts for the Bedroom

It’s hard for adults and kids alike to be healthy if they’re not getting enough rest, so gifts that make bedrooms more comfortable and sleep-friendly are always welcome. Scanzillo, who is also a wellness expert and biomechanics specialist, is a fan of weighted blankets, and uses one herself. “They offer pressure and sensory stimulation that may help adults and kids feel relief from anxiety or hyperactivity. Weight therapy also helps your body regulate your sleep cycle.”

Award-winning interior designer Cheryl Kees Clendenon suggests dehumidifiers and air purifiers. (The latter have become wildly popular since the pandemic began!) “I also like a diffuser in the bedroom and am partial to lavender oils. Probably a bit trite but I love it,” she muses.

Three more wellness-enhancing bedroom gift ideas include:

  • A sunrise alarm clock for gentler wake-ups;
  • A breakfast tray for pampering a loved one;
  • Organic bedding for luxuriously healthy sleep.

Wellness gifts for the bathroom

Bathrooms are ideal for self care gifts. “A rain head is great for relaxing and feeling like you are away from home,” declares Clendenon. Another idea she recommends are premium towels. “Luxe towels are the best gift ever for anyone. They are something none of us will splurge on for some reason, so they are my go-to gift.”

Scanzillo suggests a smart scale gift for a recipient – maybe even yourself – who is working hard at losing weight. “I love charts and data as a coach so naturally this product is a great tool to have if you’re on a wellness journey.” 

Three more wellness-enhancing bathroom gift ideas include:

  • Handheld massaging shower head;
  • Tub tray for relaxing in a bath;
  • Teak bath seat that can serve as a chair or side table.

Wellness gifts for work from home spaces

With more people working from home than ever, gifts for this space can be both wellness-enhancing and functional. Scanzillo suggests an adjustable computer stand. “Looking down can wreak havoc on your cervical spine (neck),” she cautions. “Simply elevating your computer to an elevated space can not only reduce strain and pain in the upper back, but it can help improve your posture as well.” She suggests an ergonomic desktop or laptop stand that can change your workflow. “These are the types of tools we should have that encourage proper biomechanics throughout the day, as we’re often stuck at our computers.” The fitness trainer also suggests a kneeling chair as gift. This type of seating encourages a natural upright posture and strong core, she shares, and is ideal for long hours at a desk.

Clendenon suggests organizer gifts to keep your work from home space clutter-free. “Anything to make life less chaotic!” she asserts. This can be decorative file folders, beautiful boxes or decorative trays. A well-organized, stylish home office makes work more welcoming and a bit less stressful.

As music can also soothe the savage WFH beast, Clendenon suggests a gift in that realm. “I work easier when I have soft classical music being lightly filtered into the air.” Bluetooth speakers can be great gifts.

Three more wellness-enhancing work from home gifts include:

  • Digital picture frame for displaying inspiring images;
  • Adjustable task lamp for better illumination;
  • Anti-fatigue mat for a standing desk user.

Wellness gifts for living spaces

Clendenon recommends gifts of art. This idea can also support local makers in your community, which may make both you and your recipient feel great. “I have never given a piece of art no matter how small to someone that did not comment on it for years to come,” the designer says.

Scanzillo suggests home-based fitness gifts for those times when you can’t get away. “Adding useful, high quality items can make working out easy at home.” This can be a gift you give yourself or splurge on for a loved one.

Even with winter in full swing, wellness-enhancing gifts for outdoor living areas are well-received. Patio heaters are ideal for recipients in chillier climes to extend their seasons. Another great outdoor gift for winter is a portable fire pit. Countertop pizza ovens can make healthy treats and indulgent gifts too.

End Notes

This can be a tougher season for many shoppers, consumer expert Bodge observes. “In addition to supply chain issues and shipping delays, the Consumer Price Index is up over 6% compared to last year,” she notes. “Many items will be harder to get, they will take longer to arrive and they will cost more.”

You can still give the gift of wellness without stressing your wallet.  Local artists, gardens and museum stores, discount chains and clever shopping can all offer healthy gifting.


Author’s Note: Bodge, Clendenon, Scanzillo and will be participating in a Clubhouse conversation on Wednesday, December 1 at 4 pm Eastern (1 PM Pacific) to share more self care advice, and answer participant questions. This session is open to design industry and health professionals, holiday shoppers and wellness and design enthusiasts. Those who miss the live Clubhouse event can find a recording the following Wednesday on the Gold Notes blog.