Live Like The Roy Family At These Lavish Italian Villas From ‘Succession’ Season 3

Live Like The Roy Family At These Lavish Italian Villas From ‘Succession’ Season 3

Fans of award-winning HBO show Succession are captivated by the dysfunctional drama of the billionaire Roy family. And perhaps more interesting than their business woes and family feuds is the glimpse into the glamorous lifestyle of the world’s ultra-rich. 

Seeing how they live, from their private planes to yachts to homes around the world, is fascinating. We’ve seen the family’s $150 million Hamptons estate; Kendall Roy’s war room, a Woolworth Tower Residence that is on the market for $23 million; and, of course, Josh Aaronson’s Wainscott mansion in Season 3. 

The latest lavish properties seen in the show are from Season 3, Episode 8, called “Chiantishire,” which aired on Sunday, December 5. As the family makes their way to Italy for Logan Roy’s ex-wife and the mother of his children Caroline Collingwood’s wedding, there are two fabulous Italian properties that take center stage: Cetinale and Villa La Cassinella.

Both properties are within the portfolio of In Villas Veritas, a high-end villa rental company specializing in luxury villas, estates and private islands around the world. Catering to real-life billionaires, Cetinale near Siena, Italy in Tuscany is $54,000 a week, while Villa La Cassinella in Lake Como is $100,000 per week. 

The villas provide a beautiful and historic backdrop for the Roy family’s Machiavellian dealings. The 17th-century, 13-bedroom Cetinale was originally built for Pope Alexander VII and features sprawling gardens with climbing rose, lilies, irises, vine-covered pergolas, olive trees, vineyards and a citrus garden. Built in Roman Baroque style, the villa takes you back in time. 

“Cetinale is a perfect example of a superb and historic Tuscan property that maintains the historic and period interiors yet at an elevated level to satisfy the most discerning client,” says In Villas Veritas founder and director, Laura Blair. “It’s a natural fit for the Roy family, as it is widely considered to be one of, if not the most, important and impressive private home and gardens in Tuscany. This, combined with complete, paparazzi-proof privacy, is ideal for high-profile and high-net-worth clients like the Roys.”

Like the Roy family, the villa has somewhat of a sinister history, which might be another reason the show’s producers chose this specific property.

“The Palio di Siena, the most famous horse race in Italy is usually held in the Piazza del Campo on Siena’s historic center, and was actually raced seven times between 1679 and 1692 in the Tebaid (“Holy Wood”) on the grounds of Villa Cetinale, on account of riots in the city,” Blair says. “The Palio is the most Machiavellian, crazy story of plotting and intrigue among the Sienese families in their quest to win the event, which very much mirrors the cutthroat world of the Roys in modern times.”

There’s a tennis court, game room, local hiking, nearby horseback riding and plenty of statues to explore within the gardens. Cetinale was the filming location for parts of this episode that pertain to Collingwood’s wedding.

Alternatively, Villa La Cassinella is a romantic setting on the western shores of Lake Como, and the fictional estate of Season 3’s newest addition Lukas Matsson, played by Alexander Skarsgård. The villa has nine bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, as well as water access with two boats and a staff of 10. Guests arrive exclusively via boat (as Roman Roy did to have a meeting with Matsson) as it’s situated on a private peninsula that cannot be accessed by roads. 

“The property reveals the magical splendor and timelessness of the site and the lake,” Blair says. “Every corner reveals another view or perspective on the lake, whether from the majestic cypress trees framing an ancient wrought-iron gate onto the lake or an ivied staircase to the next level of gardens. The main villa houses seven bedrooms, and a terrace house has two more. The layout of the multiple structures and gardens offers a lot of privacy even with full occupancy of 17 guests.”

Despite the beautiful interiors, the pool and sundeck has a more modern design. From every area of the property, there are stunning vistas of Lake Como and the scenic mountains.