Legal Assistance for Contracts, Property, and Business

Legal Assistance for Contracts, Property, and Business

When you’re living in Mexico, or plan to move here, you might need certain types of legal assistance to facilitate your efforts and protect your interests.

The Paper Chase® law firm is led by Alba Walker, a bilingual Attorney at Law with international experience working in Mexico and the U.S.

Alba has over 20 years of experience helping foreign residents in Mexico to deal with legal matters that are common to their needs and interests, and can assist you with matters related to Mexican law and contracts, property, estate planning, and corporate matters.

Whether you are based in Baja or elsewhere in Mexico, Alba’s law firm can provide you with its legal consulting and assistance services.

Legal matters and contract law

When you need advice about local laws and procedures, Alba’s firm can provide consultation and advice to help you navigate the Mexican legal system, including:

  • Translation and interpretation of contracts and legal documents – before you sign a contract make sure that you understand what you are committing to;
  • Apostille of Mexican documents – advice about getting certain Mexican legal documents apostilled for use outside of Mexico;
  • Civil litigation – if you find yourself in a civil dispute, Alba can provide legal advice and options to pursue remedies through the civil courts;
  • Mexican contract law – assistance with the composition of a legally-binding contract as well interpretation and advice concerning existing contracts struck under Mexican law.

Legal assistance for Mexican real estate

If you own, or plan to buy, a property in Mexico, Alba and her team can provide advice and practical legal assistance with key services related to real estate transactions here, including:

  • Fideicomisos – setting up and managing a Property Land Trust;
  • Property sales closings – undertaking appropriate cross checks to ensure your transaction is secure, including impartial buyer representation;
  • Escrow service – provision of trusted custodianship between the transacting parties;
  • HOA support – helping you to set up, manage and deal with any problems related to Homeowner Association (HOA) regimes;
  • Beachfront concessions – advice and assistance when you intend to apply for rights of use of Federal beachfront property.

Estate planning in Mexico

If you have significant assets in Mexico, you ought to consider making provision for them in the event that you become unable to administer them, as well to leave proper instruction so that they are allocated according to your wishes when you die.  Alba’s team provides counsel and practical assistance with matters related to estate planning in Mexico including:

  • Creating and managing trusts – advice about whether placing certain assets into a Mexican trust is worthwhile in your situation, and practical assistance in relation to the set up and management of a trust;
  • Will and last testament – advice and assistance to create a Mexican will that will be legally valid and defend your Mexican assets if you become unable to make decisions, or die;
  • Probate – practical assistance when you need to undertake a formal review of a will after someone’s death to determine who the legal inheritors are;
  • Power of Attorney – advice and assistance to create Powers of Attorney in Mexico.

Business and corporate support

If are running a business in Mexico, intend to start a new business of your own, or plan to enter into a commercial association or partnership with a person or company in Mexico, Alba’s law firm can provide essential business and corporate advice and practical support to facilitate your endeavors and protect your interests, including:

  • Mexican business formation – consultations and advice to help you determine strategies and options for becoming incorporated in Mexico, including investment law;
  • Incorporation – advice and support when you intend to incorporate (open a company) in Mexico, including aperture, operational obligations, and ongoing management;
  • Corporate documents – helping to you to understand and deal with common corporate documents that you will need to administer as part of your business operations;
  • Business consulting – help with accounting, tax planning, intellectual property, translations, etc.;
  • Matters related to Mexican business law – advice and support with litigation due to contract breach, trust litigation, business disputes, business dissolution, etc.

How to contact the Paper Chase® law firm

Alba Walker and her team will be pleased to assist you or your company with legal matters in Mexico.  They offer bilingual support (Spanish/English) and over 20 years of experience helping foreign residents.

Website: The Paper Chase Law Firm


Office: (612) 165 6503

Cell Phone: (612) 157 7285

[When calling from outside of Mexico, dial +52 612 …]

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