Insurance Coverages to Support Your Lifestyle in Mexico

Insurance Coverages to Support Your Lifestyle in Mexico

When you move to Mexico, part of your budget planning ought to include insurances that will provide coverages for your key activities, assets, and health.

Arranging coverages for your activities, assets and health in Mexico

Getting quotes and arranging insurance is straightforward using online services.  Use the table below to connect to insurance brokers who can give you a no-obligation quote and arrange policy coverages to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Learn about insurance services in Mexico

We have published guides to help you learn about the different insurances available to support your lifestyle including:

Auto Insurance: If you’re bringing a US or Canadian-plated car to Mexico, your home country insurance policy will not cover you for third party liability.  Getting suitable coverage for your vehicles (car, ATV, RV, motorcycle, and towed units) is straightforward and affordable, and includes services that will support you in the event of an accident.  Learn about Auto Insurance for Mexico.

Health Insurance: If you plan to stay in Mexico longer term, a health insurance plan that will give you access to health services at Mexican clinics and hospitals is an ideal way to mitigate medical expenses that can arise from accidents and illness. Learn about health insurance options for Mexico.

Medical Evacuation: If you have a good medical healthcare plan in your home country, a comprehensive Medical Evacuation insurance that will transport you from a hospital in Mexico back to your hospital, doctors and network of choice is available.  Learn about Medical Evacuation from Mexico.

Property Insurance: When you own a home in Mexico, it’s wise to keep the property insured against common risks including theft of your personal goods in the home, third party liabilities (e.g. a tree falling onto your neighbor’s property), fire, and natural disasters.  Learn more about insurance for your home in Mexico.

Travel Insurance: If you’re only visiting Mexico for a short period, travel and trip curtailment insurances are available to cover unforeseen travel and medical expenses while you’re away from home.  Learn more about travel insurance.