Four Social Media Best Practices for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Four Social Media Best Practices for Commercial Real Estate Agents

In 2020, agents across the world learned to pivot and adapt in the way they communicate with clients. Social media and digital marketing have ascended to an even more central role as agents do more and more business online and work with younger generations who are digital natives.

As a commercial agent, social media should be a key component in your growth plan. KW Commercial Managing Director and Ostrander Real Estate Group owner Andrew Ostrander utilizes the latest technologies, market research, and business strategies to close some of the biggest commercial deals in the business, including hotel chains, high-rises, churches, office complexes, health care institutions, Hollywood studios, mobile home communities, retail outlets, industrial centers, and even an entire island in the Florida Keys. 

Over the course of his career, Ostrander has closed more than $2B in deals, leveraging social media along the way. Read on to learn some of his strategies for building and advancing your growing commercial real estate business on social media. 

Four Commercial Real Estate Social Media Best Practices 

Focus on visibility and credibility

Social media isn’t solely about getting leads. Your focus should be about establishing a strong presence and clear brand, building credibility, and creating a robust portfolio of sales that appeal directly to your target market on the specific platform you’re using. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others each have a unique audience, so tailor your messaging accordingly. 

“Regarding content, you shouldn’t be constantly selling and promoting. You wouldn’t walk up to someone at a party and start selling them something. You talk for a while and get to know each other. You look for similarities and build trust and rapport. It can turn into a business relationship if the chemistry is there. The same is true for social media. Your goal is to be genuine and honest to create real connection,” Ostrander shares. “Social media will know if you’re not.”

Be where the decision makers are

As commercial Realtors, there is so much opportunity in social media. While baby boomers, who are the least active on social media, make up the bulk of the client demographics now, it’s beginning to shift to Gen X, of which nearly 78% use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other platforms regularly. However, a whopping 90% or more of future-investor millennials are very active on social media. Ostrander is encouraged. “I get really excited when I start working with a 29-year-old old because I know what I can accomplish for them by the time they’re 40, and I also know they’re going to tell five other people about me. Be active where they are, and that’s on social media.”

Focus on building your brand

When people find you in the digital universe, is your brand instantly recognizable? While it may be wise to invest in a quality marketing hire, there are some online resources that you can begin leveraging on your own in order to build a professional, cohesive brand. Here are some tools to consider: 

  • For building beautiful marketing materials: Keller Williams agents can use Designs, an application within Command which allows you to create beautiful, visually appealing graphics using professionally designed templates for a variety of mediums, including social media.  
  • For researching the market: A tool like SocialMedia Examiner can help you better understand current trends on social media and how to best leverage each individual platform, and tools such as AnswerThePublic can offer insights into what topics are most interesting to clients. 

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Keep it simple

The internet is a goldmine of countless articles and videos that produce up-to-the-minute social media hacks that can save you time and hassle and help you expand your reach. Before you optimize, though, make sure you set up your profile on each platform and prioritize these essential things:

  • Review your business information, such as your mission statement, product offerings, business model, sales goals, branding, and messaging.
  • Set up each of your social media accounts with uniform and consistent messaging. Make sure your ‘About’ section and contact info are identical, and that your photos work in concert and clearly depict your brand.
  • Outline your graphic art needs to design marketing collateral that best suits your business and goals.
  • Develop a social media marketing strategy and stick to it.

Bonus tip: You may not be great at selling commercial real estate AND managing social media. Time is valuable and social media algorithms are ever changing and require constant vigilance. Outsourcing your social media enterprise to someone in your sphere with more skill and time may be the very best move you make.

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