Drone for Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta

One of the most powerful tools in Real Estate is using drones to take awesome aerial images which provide a unique perspective when it comes to featuring property.

Drones are being used for all types of real estate listings including residential homes, apartments, resorts, vacant land, commercial properties, and more. Current drone camera technology is capable of capturing still images, video, multiple overhead map images, and even 360 degree panoramas.

Our fleet

DJI s800

Our reliable Exacopter flyes with most of DSLR cameras and fixed lenses during almost 15 minutes.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Our mavic 2 Pro provides super portability and outstanding image quality with it’s Hasselblad camera.

DJI Air 3

Everybody knows the portability and sufficient quality from the Mavic AIR 2S, ideal for non too professional projects.


Taking your neighborhood and surroundings imagery to the next level is so simple with our FPV drone by DJI.


Taking the Real Estate videos to the next level by flying in and out your property with ease, thats why we have this last generation drone.

Top Drone Video Producer in Puerto Vallarta

Commercial real estate agents, real estate investment firms, or development companies looking to sell positions in a large land acquisition, building renovation, or construction projects, are extremely interested in using drones for real estate. These are typically larger sites where aerial images are more beneficial for capturing the entirety of the property using the same techniques, but flying much higher.