Allison Holker-Boss Talks Pottery Barn And The Holiday Season

Allison Holker-Boss Talks Pottery Barn And The Holiday Season

Professional dancer and host of HGTV’s Design Star: Next Gen Allison Holker-Boss is having an incredible holiday season. Not only is she taking some well-deserved time with her family, but her home is cozier and more fabulous than ever thanks to a partnership with Pottery Barn. After recently transforming her living room and documenting it for Instagram, she couldn’t be more excited for the festivities this year.

I recently spoke with Holker-Boss about working with Pottery Barn and her plans for the holiday season. She was generous with her time, humorous, and shared some great tips for celebrating the season.

Amanda Lauren: How are you decorating for the holidays this year? 

Allison Holker-Boss: My husband [Stephen “Twitch” Boss] has a rule that I’m not allowed to do any Christmas decorating until the day after Thanksgiving. This year was going to be the only year I asked for an exception. There’s so much craziness and so much chaos going on with school and activities. I wanted to our home feel nice, so I’m not stressed after Thanksgiving.

The holiday season is my favorite season. I love all the warm fuzzies. I love the decor. I love the family get-togethers. I think everyone is really looking forward to getting together to just eat, drink and enjoy. 

Lauren: What are some other things you’re excited about?

Holker-Boss: I teamed up with Pottery Barn, which is a company that I’ve been obsessed with quite literally my entire life. The first piece of furniture I ever bought myself was from Pottery Barn and it’s our dining table that I still own. I’m going to have it forever.

I got to be a part of their campaign and have their beautiful decorations in my home. I feel like that also really kicked off my holiday spirit. Their decor is amazing. I’m just so happy and grateful. It’s been one of the most fun partnerships I’ve ever had just because it made my home so cozy.

Lauren: Do you have a favorite product?

Holker-Boss: I love Nutcrackers and every single year my husband and I pick out a new Nutcracker. So we only usually allow one a year just so we can continue to grow our collection and it always has memory to it. And this year because of Pottery Barn, we got a beautiful wood Nutcracker.

Lauren: What are some other ways you integrate the brand into your home?

Holker-Boss: I love Pottery Barn’s quality because you can keep their furniture and accessories for years. As I said, the first dining table I ever owned is from Pottery Barn. It has these cute benches and extenders for when guests are over. 

I also have this amazing sectional from them. And it can fit quite literally fit my whole family and another family. It’s so comfortable and beautiful. I’m not going to lie, I fall asleep on that thing every single time we start to watch a movie.

I have a circular swivel chair from Pottery Barn. And I don’t know why but I still feel like I live my life like a child. I’m always on a playground. And I find myself sitting in the chair just spinning myself. But I love it. And it’s so beautiful. It’s a conversation piece. It’s very unique, yet comfortable. And my kids love it. Honestly, you walk through my whole house and [you see] I’m a Pottery Barn fan.

Lauren: Do you have any tips to make your home extra cozy during the holidays or any time of year?

You can never have enough soft blankets, throw blankets, and pillows. They just warm up the space right and it screams comfort. I even like having oversized pillows so you can lay on the floor. I like to have almost like sleepover-like family nights where we stack the pillows and the beanbags in the middle of the sectional. So it’s kind of like one big giant bed. But, I think the biggest thing you do is use throw pillows, blankets, and candles. Oh my goodness, candles are so important in a home but especially during the holidays.

Lauren: What are your favorite scents?

Holker-Boss: I love a good cinnamon and vanilla. It just reminds me of the holidays. It’s so perfect.

Lauren: What are your family traditions this time of year?

Holker-Boss: We are a big tradition house. Every year, we get really dressed up for our Santa photos. And it’s always themed. So we like to go very big. 

One year my husband and I got someone to come do prosthetics for our whole family and we went as the Who people and The Grinch. My husband was The Grinch. From head to toe, he had a full suit with the prosthetics and Grinch face. We went to the mall to take our Santa photos. We were so over the top, people thought we were who they were supposed to take photos with. So people ended up taking family photos with me for their holidays. It was amazing.

Lauren: Do you make any fun recipes this time of year?

Holker-Boss: My grandmother had this graham cracker pie recipe that to this day, everyone that comes to my house for the holidays for. I make it every year and I make multiple. It’s my absolute favorite, but I try my best not to make it any other time of the year just to make it really special around the holidays.

The conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity.