31 December Prompts for a Merry Social Media Presence

31 December Prompts for a Merry Social Media Presence

Your social presence is a key way to build a community around your brand and stay top-of-mind. Keeping up with post ideas can be tricky. That’s why we’ve collected 31 December prompts for you to use to keep your social media presence interesting and connect with your audience. 

This month in Designs you’ll find brand-new graphics to celebrate the December holidays. Check them out!

Week 1

  • December 1 – Everyone loves an Advent calendar! Make a goal to do one thing every day of the month. Whether it be writing a thank-you letter to someone in your life or performing an act of service, set up an Advent goal and invite your followers to participate. ?
  • December 2 – Stay in the giving spirit this December! Highlight three local charities that are giving back to the community and invite your audience to give. 
  • December 3 – Share your insights about the state of the market with a Local Expert graphic
  • December 4 – Highlight one or two recent listings with a gorgeous living room perfect for hosting. 
  • December 5 – Some people like the snow, ❄️ some people prefer the summer. ☀️ Post a picture of the weather you’re wishing for and ask your audience which they love best.

Week 2

  • December 6 – Finding your new favorite restaurant is when you know you’re home. Let your followers know about a new restaurant that’s opening up or stick with the one that’s tried and true in your community. Today is also the last day of Hanukkah! Wish your audience a happy holiday!
  • December 7 – Which holiday songs are your jam? ? Share your playlist with your audience and get recommendations for new tracks to add. 
  • December 8 – Did your followers’ net worth just increase? Let them know with a Home Value graphic from Designs.
  • December 9 – Celebrate your network! Send a sweet treat to three of your favorite vendors and highlight them on your page. ???
  • December 10 – Are your decorations up? Post a pic of your glowing garlands.
  • December 11 – Give your audience what they’re here for: let them know about that upcoming open house with a graphic in Designs. 
  • December 12 – Any holiday specials on? ? Share the steals and deals from a couple of local businesses.

Week 3

  • December 13 – All that glitters might just be social media gold. Show off your gorgeous inventory with a For Sale graphic. ?
  • December 14 – Help your audience make a grand entrance by showing off a listing with a grand staircase.
  • December 15 – The sights and smells are intoxicating at this time of year. Let your audience know your favorite holiday dessert and ask them to share theirs.
  • December 16 – People will be traveling soon! ? Update your audience with a quick weather forecast and ask them where they’re heading for the holidays.
  • December 17 – It’s time for the mid-month market update! Let your audience see your expertise with a Market Update graphic
  • December 18 – Do you have what it takes to be the best? Prove it by sharing your ugliest sweater. See if anyone can beat it. 
  • December 19 – Spice up your Sunday and get them talking with some Buzz graphics.

Week 4

  • December 20 – It’s a big week! But don’t worry. KW has you covered with all the holiday graphics you could need. Ask your followers what they’re most excited for at the start of this week. 
  • December 21 – The first official day of winter is here! ❄️ Celebrate with a Holiday graphic
  • December 22 – It’s time to sing loud for all to hear! Share with your audience where they can go to hear carolers this week. 
  • December 23That’s a wrap! ? Show off a home that is currently under contract with a graphic.
  • December 24 – Tonight is the night for traditions. Share a custom that adds meaning to your life every year and ask your followers what their favorite traditions are. 
  • December 25Merry Christmas! ? Thank your audience and wish them a happy holiday!
  • December 26Happy Kwanzaa! ❤️ ? ? Wish your audience a joyful day of Umoja, or unity, on the first day of this seven-day holiday!

Week 5

  • December 27 – The holidays are over, but the new year is just around the corner. Give your audience a sneak peek of a listing that’s coming soon. Use a graphic from Designs to make it happen! 
  • December 28 – Open for a limited time! Remind your followers of a local attraction that will be closing soon
  • December 29 – The month is ending. Update your audience with a Neighborhood snap so they know what’s happening. 
  • December 30 – Soon it will be 2022! Share your New Year’s resolution with your audience and ask what they’re aiming to do in 2022.
  • December 31Happy New Year’s Eve! Raise a toast to 2022 with a holiday graphic.

Share Your Tips and Strategies

Let’s talk about what’s working. As you implement these ideas into your social media strategy, we want to hear which tips and tricks create the most engagement with your audience. Let us know in the comments below!

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